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Archival Fashion Exhibition


We are happy to announce that ALHAMBRA and ĀKAIBU store are launching a pop-up exhibition at ALHAMBRA BERLIN from the 15th to the 23rd of October.

For „FULL CIRCLE MOMENT“ we’ve designed a museum-like space that embodies the event’s title by  creating a circular tour through the venue, which combines the presentation of recurring fashion trends of the past decades together with our environmental approach of not adding new products to the fashion cycle.

In order to pay homage to the history-loaded items that are exhibited, we’ve made every effort to create a matching soundscape as well as supporting visual and educational impressions. Our goal is to convince our visitors that acquiring a meaningful archive piece goes beyond the sole act of purchasing - above all it’s about appreciating its history, its longevity and the fact that spending money on an environmentally friendly product may provide a whole new level of satisfaction.

ĀKAIBU is Japanese and translates to archive. Even though we offer a vast selection of designers from all around the world, our interest in second-hand fashion is rooted in the long and ongoing history of Japanese streetwear culture. Throughout the last years we’ve collectively became passionate about digging for rare designer gems and researching their individual history. Not only because we don’t believe in retail pricing, but rather because of  the sense of exploration that really keeps our love for fashion alive; being in touch with historically meaningful pieces is something that ordinary shopping fails to offer.

As importantly, we believe that the ecological consequences of the fashion industry can’t be changed soon enough. We’ve decided to take responsibility by reinforcing the shift from retail shopping to a more mindful alternative by convincing people that conscious shopping offers more benefits than impulsive buying does. It leads to something that interconnects the person with the product, something what we like to call: a full circle moment.