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AKAIBU is a German-based digital retail store that offers a unique variety of the finest high-end vintage garments, contemporary fashion and artworks. Our team is passionate about carefully hand-picking our goods to create a selection of products that is second to none regarding their collector’s value, rarity and condition.

Based on our yearlong market experience and passion for the subject, we are able to offer products that go far beyond the usual range of retailers and resellers; from long-lost archival pieces and runway-only garments hidden in private collections, to exclusive samples that often times never went into production - we are proud to present a continuously updated collection of our most precious finds. And as much as we care about our goods, the more we care about you as our customer: it is our aim to provide a shopping experience that exceeds your expectations and leaves you satisfied with your purchase.

Hence, at AKAIBU we take the matter of authenticity and quality control very serious. With a highly proficient team, we are proud to not rely on third-party authentication and thus being able to take this integral part of your buying experience into our own hands – we are confident enough to provide a 100% authenticity guarantee for any purchase made through our shop.



At AKAIBU we strongly believe in a sustainable approach to wearing, buying and selling clothes. Considering the disastrous effects of fast fashion becoming ever more apparent, we have a strong desire to actively create and pursue eco-friendly concepts that contribute to a better future. With the fashion industry being one of the major causes for pollution worldwide, we don’t consider sustainability a choice - for us it’s a necessity.

Our team believes that the lifespan of fashion can be prolonged significantly if manufactured at high quality standards and treated with care. We share the idea of building a conscious wardrobe while still being able to wear your favorite designers and we’d like to encourage everyone to join us on this path towards a different perspective on how to handle fashion more mindfully. We are confident that buying from a market that values quality over quantity is an important first step towards a more sensible concept of shopping for your desires: why ever buy anything new when you can find all of your favorite pieces treated with love and care at AKAIBU? It’s our firm belief that the only true way to shop sustainable is to buy clothes that already exist.